This morning I read a blog post by Christine Kane and felt inspired to share some of her message with you. (See the quote above!)

It’s Election Day here in the U.S. and many folks have been feeling lot of anger, hatred, and fear.

Christine’s message to own our power and to be courageous is so aligned with how I am feeling in the midst of so much madness. I simply want to be a compassionate, loving presence in the world. I want to be a force of love for anyone I’m around — no matter whom they are voting for.

If there were ever a time when we need all the pinpricks of light possible in the darkness, now’s the time.

Will you join me today in setting an intention to be a calm, grounded, loving light for all the folks who desperately need it?

Today, offer a smile to a stranger. Give an authentic compliment. Say something kind. Be generous. Pretend you are a a soothing sky of blue, a comforting hand-knit scarf, a steaming cup of jasmine tea.

Let’s be the antidote to the fear. Let’s be love.

Sending a deep breath of peacefulness your way,