I love this photo of my mom and me on a carousel at Conneaut Lake Park in Pennsylvania.

Recently I was searching through my digital files looking for a particular photo. That’s when I stumbled across this one, which I’d totally forgotten about.

I immediately uploaded it to the Walgreens photo website and in about five minutes had ordered a print that would be ready within hours. I could then pop it in a card to send to my mom along with a cheerful note.

This is so easy, right?

And – I just want to remind all of you how much FUN it is to receive printed photos.

So much of the time we hardly ever get to see photos, because everything’s digital. We snap, snap, snap so many photos, but rarely share them anymore.

Will you take the time this week to print up one photo + send it with a short note to someone you love?
You can even print it on your home printer to make it easier. Or, use an app like Postagram, which allows you to send cards from your smart phone.
Make someone’s day!