Mother’s Day is coming up in a couple days.

I’m incredibly fortunate that not only am I a mom to an amazing son, I am also the daughter of a wonderful mom. Mother’s Day is a time that I feel celebrated by my family and also when I get to appreciate and celebrate my own mom.

But believe me, I don’t take either of these relationships for granted. I know how lucky I am. I know that for a lot of people Mother’s Day can be filled with longing or loss. It can be a hard day for anyone whose mom has passed away, whose children have died, who were never able to have children, or who may have difficult relationships with their kids or mom. It can also be a hard day for single moms who don’t have a partner to plan a celebration for them or make the day special.

My friend and former colleague, Roberta Brown, wrote a piece for all the single moms out there: Single Mom Confessions: I Hate Mother’s Day—And How I’m Changing That. I am honored that she quotes one of my gift ideas in the article. But more importantly, I am so grateful that she is raising awareness that these kinds of Hallmark holidays can be really difficult for people.


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I’d love for us all to think of one person in our lives who might experience pain or grief this weekend while others are celebrating. Can we each commit to offering some small gesture of love or kindness to that person to acknowledge them?

That opportunity was handed to me on a silver platter this week when I read Roberta’s wonderful article. I emailed her to ask if she would be open to having me set up a recorded telephone interview with her 12-year-old son as a way of celebrating her. She said yes! I’m really excited to be able to acknowledge Roberta because she is a loving, generous, fun, spirited mom. Interviewing her son about her will be a gift for ME!

Could you do this same thing for a single mom you know? Or perhaps you’d want to write a card about what a great mom she is.

Or if you know someone who will be missing their mom, you could call them and tell them a favorite happy memory about their mom and let them know you, too, are thinking of her.

I’m grateful to Roberta for reminding me to think beyond my own small world — and to consider folks I know who may need an extra boost this Mother’s Day.

Do me a favor, if you do something thoughtful for someone who needs some TLC this weekend, would you be willing to post it on my Present Perfect Gifts page on Facebook? You could inspire others! If you’re not on Facebook, email me. I love to hear from you! You always inspire ME!

And if YOU are someone who is having a difficult time this Mother’s Day, be sure and reach out to a close friend or family member and let them know you need some love. People will be glad you asked.

With special love to all the moms out there and all the children of moms and everyone who loves a mom…



P.S. I’ve compiled some questions for you to ask someone’s child if you want to do this for Mother’s Day. You can edit the questions and use them to interview someone’s mother, as well.

P.P.S. Here’s the follow-up to my interview with Roberta’s 12-year-old son!