Bombings in Turkey and Brussels. Attacks in West Africa. Syrian refugees. I won’t go on. But we all know there is so much violence all across the world and also at home. Sometimes it is impossible not to be weighed down by it all.

Our hearts break for all the folks whose loved ones have died or who have lost their homes or who are threatened with violence.

What to do?

For me, the very first movement is to get out of the darkness and fear — and into the light.

From that place, it is possible to see how I can help. Volunteer? Donate? Hug my son? Help an elderly friend get groceries? Call my mom? Send a card to someone who is sad? Smile at a stranger? Stand up for someone who is being bullied? Say something positive? The answers are different for each of us in each different moment.

All I know is that I want to be one pinprick of light in the dark.

That’s where I start.


Sending love to Brussels, Turkey, Syria,  around the globe, and to you —