There’s a lot of pressure when Valentine’s Day rolls around. I’ve got nothing against love. Nothing against celebrating our affections for someone in our life or bringing more romance into our life. As you know, I LOVE expressing appreciation for people we love.

However, there is something about this ONE DAY that is *supposed* to be full of flowers, chocolate, and goo-goo eyes, that can squash any small feelings of authentic joy and connection beneath its mountain of expectations. {Oof! Squish!}

I just want to remind us all to do whatever we can to get out from under any expectations for this day.

If there’s someone we love romantically, take the lid off the pressure cooker and lower those visions of being swept off your feet into some Hollywood fantasy. Plan something for another day. Agree to spend time together out in nature or volunteering for an organization you love. Cook dinner together and make Love Lists for one another that you read aloud. Simple. Easy. No-big-deal.

(Not surprisingly, when we wipe out all those visions of what something *should* look like, we get to experience the really wonderful + magical experience of what it actually is!)

If you’re romantically un-involved, how about making Valentine’s Day about appreciating your friends and family? Send sweet texts or emails to dozens of people you love. Surprise your mom with a homemade pie. Treat your best friend to a movie and coffee klatch. Actively love somebody in a way that feels easy + real to you.

Consider making a Love List Selfie!

These cultural holidays can be hard days for the best of us. But for folks who may be grieving, lost, or lonely, they are particularly difficult. Let’s all be mindful about reaching out + showing extra love to folks who need more TLC this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s think about February 14th as just one more day out of 365 days that are available for us to love as much as we can in whatever ways we are able.

Seek + create pinpricks of light.

Sending everyday love + celebration,


P.S. Don’t forget … there is no pressure to have a fabulous, oh-so-romantic, amazing day on 2/14. Every day of our lives is an opportunity to live and love the way we want. Expectations + how-it-should-be’s only keep us from the simple, beautiful connections that are always available to us when we simply show up with all our presence to the people in our lives.