Yesterday I saw a video online called “What’s Your Biggest Regret.”

If you have three minutes, I encourage you to watch it. It is beautifully done + quite moving.

Something that struck me, but didn’t surprise me, was that what all the regrets had in common was that they were about things not done or words not spoken.

If you’ve been hanging around me for any length of time, you know that one of my favorite catch phrases is “Don’t wait; say it now.”

In the next few days I’m going to send you an email about an amazing event in which a small group of people gathered around someone they love to “say it now.” It is a beautiful example of what is possible when we show up for someone we love + how important that is!

In the meantime, just imagine that today was the last day of your life. Is there something you would want to say to someone you love? Say it now, okay?!

Yours in celebration,



P.S.  There have been some wonderful say-it-now ideas posted in the Facebook Group I host called Present Perfect Gifts. People think up so many ways to reflect to someone they love why they love them + what makes ’em unique! If you want to get some inspiration + share your own great ideas, please c’mon over + join us.