roses-dailykindnessI turn 51 this week. And, as I’ve done for the three years, I want to celebrate by sending notes of kindness to strangers.

I love the feeling of connection + community this practice brings me. It has taught me that I don’t ever have to feel alone. I can always connect to someone by sending love to them. Rather than getting all weird about my birthday —which I have been known to do — I can simply jump into a swimming hole of love! Splash!

For my Kindness Project: 51-51-51 I will send 51 notes to 51 strangers in 51 days.

But I need your help.

Do you know someone who is lonely, grieving, disappointed, or blue? Someone who needs a boost? If so, please email me and tell me a tiny bit about their story, why you love this person, and their snail mail address. Also, let me know if you want their letter to be anonymous from the universe or from me on your behalf.

Thank you for being one of the many reasons I have to celebrate. I love sharing this journey with you!