Hey there. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that while chocolates and roses are perfectly lovely, there are a lot more varieties of love than just the flowery-n-sweet kinds.

Let this day be an expression of your own style of love. Let it be the way you feel when your orange tabby curls in your lap and starts to purr. Let it be the way your 11-year-old squirms (but smiles) when you give him a hug on his way out the door. Let it be the sound of your mother’s voice, the weight of Grandma’s quilt on you late at night, the smell of freshly cut lemons, the warmth of socks just out of the dryer.

Let your style of love be pausing in the grocery store to look the clerk in the eye and wish her a joyful evening. Let it be treating your best friend to a phone call or note, just because. Let it be a home cooked dinner, the whole family gathered ’round, with maybe one circling of “what are we grateful for” shares.

Let your style of love be offering time or patience. Let it be that moment when you choose to turn your attention away from his dirty shoes and to his bright smile. Let it be the way you offer yourself some unprecedented kindness today.

Let Valentine’s Day be completely defined by you — full of whimsy or sweetness or laughter or long-distance connections. And let your kisses be for lips you love. But also for the sky, her gnarled hand, his furry snout, that juicy red apple, and her rosy baby cheek.