Celebrate Plant a Kiss Day

April 29, 2013

Plant a Kiss Day was created to celebrate the message and spirit behind Amy Krouse Rosenthal's work and the whimsical book she created, "Plant a Kiss," which is beautifully illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds.

"In this gentle tale about hope, kindness, and sharing, see how one small acts blooms into something grander than anyone ever could have imagined."


What small act could you set forth to bloom? Join us!


How to Participate in Plant a Kiss Day    

1. Consider doing something on Sunday, April 28 or Monday the 29th, which would spread a little color, connection, poetry, art, or magic in the world. Get inspiration here:

*The scope of what you do isn't what is important. It is the intention and the consciousness you bring to it. So, for example, posting one piece of colorful art in a public restroom could take you just a few minutes, but if you are present to what it feels like to intentionally want to bring joy to strangers, the impact can be really powerful. For you and for the unknown folks who will be touched by it.

Here are some REALLY simple things that could have a big impact and ripple effect:

  • Consciously letting someone in your lane while you're driving.
  • Buying a single flower and handing it to an elderly woman walking down the street.
  • Consciously offering an authentic compliment to someone on the bus.
  • Bringing a basket of fresh fruit to work or the dance studio along with a cheery note.
  • Sending a thank you note to the clerk at your grocery store, your librarian, or the mailman.
  • Sending your child to school with flowers and a handmade thank you note for the teacher.
  • Purchasing a small gift card for iTunes or a local bookstore and leaving it with a card for a stranger to find.
  • Standing on a corner of a busy street and simply smiling at people and saying hello.
  • Print our the "Free Compliments" poster from Kind Over Matter and post someplace public.
  • Play an instrument, create art, sing, or knit someplace public and invite folks to join in.

2. If you're a blogger, write about what you did and how it felt. Post your blog to go live on May 1, link to it on our official Plant a Kiss 2013 Page, and join our Blog Hop Party!

3. If you'e not a blogger, you can still participate either by posting about your "Kiss" on the Simply Celebrate Facebook Page or by hopping around from blog to blog to simply get inspired by all the Plant a Kiss Day acts and events happening around the country.

Questions? Email me!