There are so many things I absolutely love about my coaching clients and I learn tons from each of them every time we have a call. But there's something that I've been noticing — and appreciating— as an overall theme with all of my clients.

It seems there are just four simple steps that my clients take over and over again which lead to the results they want in their lives. Wanna know what they are? Get ready … cuz you can do these four simple steps, too!

Step One: Frustration.
Clients first come to me because there is something in their life that just doesn't feel quite right. For one person it might be that she knows she has a book in her, but just can't get motivated to write the darn thing. For someone else it might be that he has an incredible job and family, but he is burnt out and just doesn't have as much fun as he wishes. Someone else might be starting a business or wanting to get more deep sleep. Whatever it is, there is a sense of frustration that "the life I have isn't quite aligned with the life I imagine in my head." That frustration is good because it like an alarm going off, telling us there's something in our lives that we need to wake up to! So the first step is this: make sure you pay attention to  frustrations in your life; they've got something important to tell you.

Step Two: Intention
Just showing up for the coaching call shows a deep intention and without sounding too woo-woo California, I think there is something magical about just setting aside the time to focus on an aspect of our lives. It is like the universe or God or the divine says rubs its/his/her chin and says, "Well, hey there, this person must be serious about wanting to write that book. How can I help?" To boot, there is the added oomph of the intention to take action on whatever arises as the next steps for the project/goal. How can you show up for yourself and take action steps on things that are important to you?

Step Three: Completion
I'm not a scary person, but every week most of my clients seem to do all the things they committed to! Since I suspect it isn't because they're afraid of me, I think it because they absolutely love the feeling of staying true to themselves and their word and what they want for their lives. Every action item that gets completed moves us on to a place that is closer to where we imagine ourselves. But the BEST part is that every completed action step just feels so darned good in the moment! Don't let monkey mind talk you out of finishing the action steps you set for yourself: push through any resistance and watch how great it feels.

Step Four: Celebration
Did you hear what I said in that last line? I hope so, because it is really really important. When we are being true to ourselves and the life we know we want to live, then it is a joy to take the steps that lead us closer to the heart of it all. And a BIG part of what I encourage for my clients is that they celebrate every step of the way. Our culture is way too focused on what is missing in our lives or in ourselves. Every tiny baby step we make should be wholeheartedly appreciated and yes … celebrated! So once you've completed what you said you'd do, think up some fun way to acknowledge yourself. It could be a tangible gift or taking youtrself out to a movie or sending yourself an "atta girl" card in the mail. Just don't skimp on the celebration!


If you've got a special dream or a project and you want some ongoing support and someone to share the fun, I have some coaching slots open and would love to tell you more.

Speaking of coaching and celebrating …
I completed Rich German's Epic Coach Academy! Wheeee!

That's Rich and me in the pic to the left. I Photo-shopped my certificate into the photo and very nearly placed it so it would look like Rich was holding it in his hands. You know, like the old "Price is Right" shows where they'd hold up a big fake check? It was fun to think about, but the truth of it is, I don't have the Photoshop expertise to deftly slip the certificate under his arm with the coffee. Just use your imagination, okay!  

The thing I love most about Rich German is his combination of know-how + humor + heart. Oh, and … he has this contagious energy that bubbles over the phone lines and always gives me a jolt of joy. 

Rich's program was a year long and covered a zillion aspects of the business of coaching — everything from the nuts n bolts of scheduling and sales to the more elusive strategies for dealing with self-talk and self-sabotage. One of the aspects of this program that I loved the most was the combo of practicality and spirituality. I felt like I could be a whole person and not have to leave parts of me behind!

If you're already a coach or are thinking of becoming a coach, I wanted to let you know that Rich has a FREE CALL happening this coming Thursday —  March 7th at 3pm PST. The call, How to Build Your Coaching Empire, will be all content and no sales. Rich will be sharing some of the ways to begin getting more clients. Yay!

Just to let you know, I am an affiliate of Rich's. But one thing I can promise you is that I would never promote anything that I don't know, love, and trust. If you have any interest at all in building a coaching biz, this call is free and I can guarantee it will be fun!