The fourth graders at the Hathaway Brown School in Cleveland Ohio have been participating in a special program designed by Director Koyen Parikh Shah in which they explore the concept of sisterhood and success. The "Enough" program helps the girls seek a win-win perspective in life.

I've been fortunate enough to meet some of these great girls (well, virtually!) because they'll be participating in the 2013 Plant a Kiss Day.  Recently Koyen and the girls kicked off a Skype call we had by sharing with me some of the things that remind them of the beauty of the universe.

I was so delighted and uplifted by our conversation that I asked if I could share their thoughts with my blog readers. They all shouted, "Yeeaaaaaahhhhhh."

Hope you enjoy the girls' musings as much as I do. What a reminder to keep our minds focused on the good things in our lives!

If you are inspired to leave a comment about something that reminds YOU of the beauty of the universe, that would be so wonderful so the girls will see how they've inspired others.


I am reminded of the beauty of the universe when…

  • I am playing outside (Elisabeth P.)
  • I am in nature (Isabel H.)
  • I am skiing up on snowy hills and when I hear the birds calling in the spring (Yasmine)
  • I go to the park and see the trees (Kimorah)
  • I see birds fly (Nia)
  • I play with my dog and look at the stars. And nature (Ashley)
  • I am with my friends. They are a big part of my life. My family is too.
  • Everyone is friends. And at the beach (Reese L.)
  • I see all the trees and nature and animals that people are trying to save, and when someone is nice to me. (Katie M.)
  • I play with my cat and when good things happen to me and others and when I am near the water and hear the waves (Zoe. K)
  • Sometimes I think what if I was never made? This makes me glad I live somewhere I can survive. (Aubrey)
  • I am skiing with my family (Sarah C.)
  • I think of my dog and see his puppy eyes looking at me (Sarah S.)
  • I see people have their hair [pulled] back and show their face (Jiahe)
  • I see people being nice to each other (Chandini A.)
  • I am playing soccer or when I am with my family (Nicollee H.)
  • I see Sirius (Jessica C.)
  • It is spring and I see all the beautiful flowers and I see all the animals and when I am with my family (Sophie L.)
  • I see all the trees, animals, nature at the beach and when I see all the stars (Eleina S.)
  • I am by water. The way the water is sometimes calm, sometimes rough, it makes me see that nothing is perfect. (Violet W.)
  • I am with my friends (Rachel B.)
  • I play with my cousins (Eloise H.)
  • I hold my baby sister (Ashmita P.)
  • Good things happen to other people (Kallie W.)
  • I am in nature. (Isabel H.)
  • I am mad at a friend and [feel] ready to forgive them (Sophie C.)
  • I am skiing very fast down a steep hill, particularly on black double diamond hills and moguls. (Maxine G.)
  • I am at the Metroparks (Tara C.)
  • Someone compliments me (Claire S.)
  • I am in nature and when I am with my family and friends (Cara C.)
  • I am up high and when I see the flag (Amari E.)
  • I have somebody to share my ideas with (Abby R.)


Thank you Koyen Parikh Shah! I am excited to share in the excitement of Plant a Kiss Day with you and the girls!