Remember my 48-48-48 birthday project earlier in the month? I committed to offering 48 acts of kindness for 48 people in 48 hours? Well, I got a wonderful email from Jennifer Devlin who was inspired by my project. I want to share her delightful story with you.

I also want to see if this sparks any memories for you of something maybe just as wonderful in your own life. As you're reading her story, be thinking about a creative and loving gift you've received in your life. (Cuz you know I wanna hear about it!!)

So … after reading about my birthday kindness project, Jennifer got the idea to put a spin on it and turn it into an amazing birthday gift for her mom. Here's what she did: she put a call out to all her friends, colleagues, and social media connections and asked folks if they'd be willing to send a birthday card or treat to her mom:

"My mom's 64th birthday is next week, and as a gift to her, I want to wish her Happy Birthday 64 times. I would love to have 64 people send her a postcard, note or card —  a physical piece of mail to make her day. It will cost you some time and a stamp, but it would mean the world to her, and to me.

It doesn't matter if you don't know her, or don't know her well.. the message is the gift… an uplifting, inspiring note. As I get older, I realize that "things" don't really matter, it's intention and I think this is the best gift I could bestow on her."

Well, as you might guess, people were more than happy to join in this loving project. (I did!) Jennifer's mom was absolutely surprised, touched, and overjoyed with the outpouring of love she received!

Jennifer told me her mother thought there was some mistake when she opened her mailbox and saw all the mail! "She read each card and letter aloud to me over the phone," said Jennifer. "I could tell my mom was beaming. Sure beats a sweater as a gift, hands down," Jennifer laughed.

I am tickled at hearing about the ripple effects of my birthday idea. I just love the idea of Jennifer's mom going to the mailbox and seeing lots and lots of handwritten envelopes in there from complete strangers. Jennifer said some folks even sent handmade treats! And I agree with Jennifer 100% when she said that as we get older things start to mean less and intention means so much more.

What about you? Have you ever received a gift that was overflowing with love, care, and intention? What stands out in your mind as the "best gift ever?"

Would you be willing to leave a comment below letting me know about that amazing gift? (If you're reading this via email, click here; otherwise, just scroll down to the comments section.) If you're not on Facebook, you can email me

Talking to Jennifer got me excited about adding some revisions to my creative gift giving ebook, Present Perfect: 127 creative, one-of-a-kind, no-to-low cost, wow-em gifts they'll never forget. I'd love to collect personal stories, like Jennifer's, to include in the next edition of the book. So please, let me know the best gift you ever got!