Last Thursday I posted on this blog about my excitement over seeing so clearly how simple conscious acts of joy can literally change our lives. Creating an extraordinary moment for ourselves or someone else can change the landscape of an entire day. Doing this every day can change the whole week. Before you know it, your weeks and months and years are looking and feeling more vibrant than ever before.

10 minutes is all I ask.

In fact, I posed a challenge. I asked folks to spend just ten minutes focusing on someone they loved and creating a short Love List or card for that person. AND then mailing it. For everyone who emailed me to tell me they did this, I sent a copy of my ebook, Present Perfect, which is full of ideas for imaginative and impactful gifts that are fun to give.

For those of you who haven't yet taken me up on this, I want to remind you of this challenge.

As a little inspiration, check out this great note I received from one of the people who did take me up on it!

Moments before I saw your email, I was just exploring my present low level of enthusiasm for life. I responded immediately to your gentle 10 minutes challenge by writing a note to a wonderful friend, & have it ready to mail when I walk to my mailbox in the next few moments. In writing to her about how her friendship charms my life, it was like taking a drink from her well of love.  My thirst was quenched, thanks to your challenge. Hugs, Barbara Wirth

Other people have also told me how energized they felt by dropping that card or note in the mailbox. Try it. You'll like it.

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