I just sent a free gift to folks on my mailing list.

It's a list of 50 Quick pik-me-ups to lift your energy in less than 10 minutes. If you aren't on my mailing list, you can download that quickie list here.

I just peeked and the first thing on that list is "Walk over to the window. Look at the sky. Breathe deeply. Repeat."

I realized that I'd been sitting in front of a computer for the last two hours.

So this is just a wee nudge, to myself and to you, to remember that there is a whole world living and breathing outside of the World Wide Web.

There are spider webs. And cloud wisps. And bird calls. There are store clerks and plastic jars of bubbles and red mittens. There is poetry. Carousals. Violins. There are people we love, just waiting to laugh with us. Don't forget.

Happy Saturday.



Photo copyright Sherry Richert Belul, 2012.