A couple weeks ago I told you about an upcoming writing class that my friend, Laurie Wagner, is launching. The online class is called Telling True Stories and it is about what happens when we "get out of our smarty pants heads" and tell our stories in true, simple, and honest ways.

I spent 15 minutes on the phone with Laurie recently, talking to her about what it means to "tell true stories." That quote (above) about getting out of our smarty-pants heads was one of my favorites from the conversation. But there are lots more gems.

If you're interested in this online class, or just want to get a chance to think about telling true stories, check this short audio out.The class begins on April 9 and runs through May 11. Cost is just $135. I'd trust anything Laurie offers; I've taken lots of her in-person classes and love what she's all about.


Listen to a 15-minute conversation with Laurie Wagner about Telling True Stories here:

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Laurie Wagner is a writer, teacher and coach who uses her experience working with thousands of writers over the years to nurture herself as an artist and a teacher, and to help other budding and experienced writers do the same. She is the author of Living Happily Ever After: Couples Talk about Long Time Love and Expectations: Women Talk About Becoming a Mother.  She teaches classes in Alameda, in Berkeley, and online through her website.

Laurie's newest offering, Telling True Stories, starts on April 9th. Registration is open now. Through weekly writing assignments, inspirational interviews with well-known writers, and a supportive community to share your work with, this five-week e-course is your own virtual writing studio where you can write the stories that are knocking at your soul’s door. Cost $135.


Photos copyright Laurie Wagner