Tomorrow is Leap Day. And I can't help but think, "What is the biggest leap I want to take in my life?"

It's this: I want to take the leap and trust completely that I can be exactly who I am in the world.

I've written before about the ways I slip into "Cardboard Sherry" when no one's looking. How I try to present myself. How I tone myself down so I don't make others uncomfortable. 

From an early age it was really important to me to feel liked. So I became a self-taught chameleon. Little by litte over the past couple decades I've been unlearning those color-changing skills.

I'm inspired by Leap Day to put some extra spring in my self-expression shoes. No. Wait. Make that "some extra spring in my Fluevogs." I gotta be me. 

So what about YOU? What leap feels like it is waiting to happen in your life? This day only comes around once every four years. How about making magic of it and choosing to play catch up to a part of yourself you know is already alive and kicking?

I'd love to hear if you have a leap to proclaim!



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