I LOVE this art by Leah Pealman! What a great reminder that when we're unsure of what to do or say, all we have to do is check in with ourselves and see what response feels like it is coming from a place of love — for ourselves, for others, for the world. Ahhh.

Check out Leah's other artworks at Dharma Comics.

And come meet her in person at the Love Ninjas Unite event on Sunday, February 12 at the Happiness Institute!


Artwork Copyright Leah Pearlman. Leah Pearlman is a CoCreator of The Happiness Institute, located in San Francisco. The Happiness Institute is an intentional space for sharing, creation collaboration, experimenting, education, expression, and manifestation. It exists to honor and support people coming together to explore what makes them come alive. It is founded on the belief that honoring the wisdom of our own hearts is the surest path to happiness for ourselves and each other. Leah is also author of Dharma Comics, a comic blog in which she draws on life to explore personal and universal truth.