Thanks to The Levity Project for creating this beautiful video of bubble joy the world over. It makes me so happy to see all these people creating space in their lives to simply … well … blow bubbles together. I love the variety of people and places. That scene in the hospital especially grabs me.

I'm fortunate enough to have recently met one of the Levity Project founders, Ina Lukas, in an online prosperity class we're taking together. Ina has such an uplifting spirit that I can feelt it all the way through cyberspace!

When she told me about the Bubble Project, I couldn't wait to participate. Ian (my beau, not a typo of Ina!) and I ran out at sunrise to a hill near my apartment to blow our bubbles. It was so much fun to chat with the early-morning passers-by and frolicking dogs who stopped to enjoy the bubbles with us.

(Unfortunately, I had the camera set at low, low, low resolution. But it gives it kinda a nice 70's feel, doesn't it?!)

I just found out that every Tuesday night Ina offers free laughing meditation via telephone! I can't wait to attend! Meet me there sometime, okay?!


Video copyright The Levity Project. The Levity Project is a social movement creating a more buoyant society through laughter, play, and celebration. Every month they create a new Micro-Movement mission and ask people around the world to film themselves doing the mission.  Katie and Ina (co-founders of The Levity Project) dedicate the Bubbles of Joy video to their moms, who both made their transition out of the physical world within a few months of each other this past year. In their honor Katie and Ina  celebrate each moment on Earth, as their moms' touching journeys and beautiful spirits remind us all to be here now.