Artist Tracy Yarbrough of Chickpea Studio reminded me of something very important this week. She reminded me what a gift it is to live enthusiastically and energetically. She truly exemplifies living life with color and expression.

I met Tracy through an online course taught by Kelly Rae Roberts called Flying Lessons. (Great course. Great people!) I fell in love with the whimsy of Tracy's artwork and asked her if it would be okay for me to use her artwork on my blog. She answered with a resounding "Yes!" Of course I promised to give her credit. But beside that, she was so open and willing to share her work. I loved that complete openness.

I was inspired to buy one of Tracy's artworks to brighten up my office and remind me of life's playfulness. Every single interaction with Tracy was full of joy and delight. She responded promptly to my emails, she answered all my questions, she let me know when the package was arriving, and best of all — when it arrived, it was such a joyful package to receive because it was colorful and alive, just like her work.

What Tracy reminded me of, and what her work will now remind me of, is that the "how" of our daily life is truly so important. It wasn't enough for Tracy to just create joyful work. She also creates joy in her emails, in her packaging, and in her presence.

When I first saw Tracy's whimsical buildings, I remember thinking, "I want to live there." The truth of it is, what I really want is to live in that kind of joy and generosity and self-expression. That's the place I want to live. Thanks, Tracy, for reminding me of that!


Artwork copyright Tracy Yarbrough. Find her work on Etsy.