This morning when I was walking down Mission Street here in San Francisco, I was noticing how gritty and dirty the street looked. Litter and grime kept catching my eye.

And then, wonders of wonders, some grace dropped in and I was reminded of a great teaching my son offered to me when he was three years old. I was pushing him down this same street in his stroller and at one point he started clapping his hands together gleefully and he shouted, "Mommy, mommy! Lookie at all the polka dots!" He had the biggest, happiest grin on his pudgy little face.

Ah yes. What fun! Lookie at all them polka dots. I just needed a little reminder that I can see the beauty if I just look at things a little differently.

Is there a place in your life that appears to be dark and dreary at the moment? Any chance there is some hidden light or delight in there? Would love to hear about it, if so!