So yesterday I was all happy after my morning dance class. Feeling chipper and generous, I stopped a stranger from the class to tell her that I loved her haircut. She looked great — and I wanted to tell her so.

During the course of our short conversation, she said, in refrence to a style thang, "Yeah, well, we're too old to do that, aren't we?"

All my chipperness deflated rapidly. I walked away, muttering to myself that "No, in fact, I am not too old to wear my hair a certain way or wear certain clothes or think a certain way or start again or laugh loudiy or …" Too old? I huffed.

Note to self: Never, ever use the phrase "too old to." What does it serve?

Note to self: As often as possible, use the phrase, "Yes." Use the words, "I bet you can do it." Use the expression, "I believe in you." Say "Be yourself, sista." Shout, "You go, girl!"

Happy Friday, folks.


(P.S. I didn't know what image I could use with this post. Then my 10-year-old son walked in to show me a cool new iPhone app that distorts photos. He'd taken a photo of his hand and made it goofy. Voila! Inspiration! )