I posted some thoughts a few weeks ago about my frustration at not being a visual artist. I know there is one inside of me somewhere, I just can't seem to access her. However, I am delighted by color and texture and design. I love photography. I want to have more visual joy in my life and I want more of that kind of expression on the pages of Simply Celebrate.

And then, maybe because I sorta asked, an answer dropped in: I don't have to do everything myself. I don't have to be everything. There are lots of amazing artists out there, many of whom probably would love a little more exposure for their work. We just join forces. How simple is that? Rather than feeling bad about my lack of artistry, I can celebrate other people's visual talents! Voila. What a relief!

Part of the reason this idea popped in my head is because I am taking the Mondo Beyondo Class and there are some really talented photographers in the class.  I've been enjoying their work as well as the talents of some friends of mine who regularly post online.

So look! The photos on this page were taken by Mondo Beyondo-er Tammie Bennett. Tammie has a photo-a-day blog called everyday tammie and I've really loved the variety of photographs she has been posting. She was generous enough to say, "Sure, use any of my photos you want." And here we are. Not only do I get my problem of color solved, I also get to do something I really love doing: sharing in the excitement of other people's talents and passions.

Wanna know why I picked these pics? FIrst of all, I love the idea of a "palette"  — someplace to experiment. To lay down possibilities. To try things out. Visually, I also love the splatters and gobs in that particular photo. It suits me right now, in this phase of trying to learn how to be messy.  I also love that some things are in focus and some are kinda blurred. Not surprisingly, also a mirror for my own state of mind. And you know the other reason I chose it? (This is the best one.) When I visited Tammie's site, this picture just jumped off the page at me. It asked to be chosen. And it wasn't until I'd plopped it into my own blog, that I realized my own connection to palette and possibilities and learning to experiment. The photograph taught me something about myself.

And the striped leggings shot? First I thought I picked it because I love striped leggings. Then I thought I picked it because of the play of the colors. But then I realized that the real reason I chose it is because it expresses shared joy, playfulness, and connection. And that's what I feel that I get to share with Tammie, thanks to her generosity and openness. And it is what I get to share with all of you, too.

Thanks, Tammie, for being the inaugural "artist-in-residence" on Cherry Blossom Soup. I look forward to showcasing more of your amazing photos.

Now, who's next?!


Photos copyright Tammie Bennett.