I’m reading Cheri Huber’s latest book, What You Practice is What You Have:A Guide to Having the Life You Want. In the book, and in the corresponding email class that she is offering, Cheri teaches about an amazing tool. I’ve been trying it out and I want to share it with you.

The best thing about this tool is that it is really simple!

Basically, what it is is recording my own voice into a recorder and playing it back to myself over and over. What do I talk about? Everything I need to hear. I have one track that is about how the voices in my head try to talk me into perfectionism. On that track I talk to myself about what I really want is to live the energy of the moment and trust that it and I am enough. One of my  other tracks is an ongoing list of reasons why I love my beau. (Great to listen to when we’re feeling disconnected!) Yet another one is about how MonkeyMind tries to scare me by telling me stories of scarcity and fear. On that one, I suggest to myself to turn every “What if” statement around, so that “What if I can’t do it” becomes “What if I can do this? What if I have a great time doing this and it impacts lots of people positively?”

What this practice does for us is it gives us that person we’ve all been longing for all our lives who knows us so well that they always, always say exactly what we need to hear. We don’t have to try to get it from the people outside of us, who try as they may, will never be able to get it exactly right or at the right time.

Cheri calls the recorded voice, the Mentor. And she says, “That Mentor is the person we’ve dreamed about having by our side all our lives, isn’t it? Even if we didn’t consciously know what we wanted, that’s what we wanted.”

It’s true.

Her email class is called, “Time to Feel Good.” And if you try this tool, I will guarantee that it will not only feel good … it will feel GREAT!

Let me know if you try it or have thoughts about this!

Sending you the words you always wanted to hear,