Within an hour’s span of time, I witnessed two things that made me reconnect with someplace inside of me that feels like open sky and a field of rich red tulips.

1. I was browsing around online and happened to see a video posted by a wonderful author and mission maker, Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Amy’sMission #39: The day money actually grew on a tree, shows what happened after Amy hung 100 $1 bills from a tree. The bills were clearly marked with inspiring sayings and “Free!” signs. It wasn’t so much the video itself or the reactions of the people that inspired me. It was the fact that someone thought of it … and did it. I am constantly awed by Amy’s ability to bring creativity to life in a variety of forms. I love that she exists out in the world, imagining colorful things and then executing them.

2. My good friend, Maya Stein, packed up her car and headed out on a two-month journey called “Tour de Word,” in which she plans to meet and write with lots of folks around the country who have been loyal readers of her online poetry. I love Maya’s bravery and also her willingness to jump into life, feet first. From the moment she first conceived of the trip, life has stepped in to support her to make it happen. Her unwavering belief in living a creative life stayed with me, even as she turned the corner and drove away.

When I returned home and sat back down at my desk, I realized how grateful I am to people like Amy and Maya who aren’t content to lead mediocre lives. They’re not willing to miss a moment. They practice being alive. And in being who they are, I am transformed.