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Yesterday I posted a simple thought to the Simply Celebrate fan page on Facebook:

“Walking down the very urban Mission Street this morning, everyone rush-rush-rushing by, I imagined what each person would look like relaxed, with a huge grin on his/her face. Suddenly I liked everybody and felt so connected.”

It was a lovely experience and I really enjoyed imagining each stranger happy. It made me feel good. But later, when I reflected on that experience, I thought, “Gee, wouldn’t it have been nice if you had actually smiled at each of these people and shared a small moment that made them feel good, rather than just feeling better yourself?”

So, despite the fact that it is never very helpful when disembodied voices critique my behavior in hindsight, I did decide to think about that smiling option for next time.

I get a little uncomfortable and shy when I imagine actually doing that. “Really? Smile at strangers on Mission Street?  They’ll wonder what I’m trying to sell or what drugs I’m on. People will think I’m crazy.”

It’ll be interesting to see if I can take this to the next level. Anybody wanna join me? We could have a virtual “Smile at Everybody You Pass” day.  And, to make it a little easier, we could imagine everybody in their underwear like they do at Toastmasters!