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I had a dream recently in which I am going skydiving with a friend. I am really scared that the parachute won’t work. I say to my friend, “This is a risk where I believe I might either feel amazingly wonderful and free and strong afterward … or I could die.”  As I am talking to him, something in me says I should just do it. That chances are on my side that the parachute will work and it will be amazing to float in the sky.


I keep thinking of this dream. About all the ways in which I keep myself safe by not “jumping in.”  The more I think about it, the more I realize that the biggest fear I have is that I’ll die without having jumped fully into life. That my time will be up and I’ll wish I had jumped MORE.

Today, ask yourself this:

What one thing would I most like to do, but feel afraid to do?

Then, do this:

Visit Simply Celebrate’s “Lively Conversations” page to hear Mary Ann Bailey talk about courage. AND download our free “Building Your Courage” Exercise.


Maybe we can inspire one another to leap.

I’d love to hear your thoughts …