Yellow rubber boots isolatedToday’s post is offered in appreciation and honor of Timothy Lowe, a reader from New Jersey.

Timothy created a special celebration for September 20 that I want to share with you in his own words (see below).

I’d love to hear from other readers who have been inspired to celebrate in unique ways. You can comment here on Cherry Blossom Soup, or post your celebration ideas on the Simply Celebrate website!


Timothy’s Celebration for September 20, 2009

Dear Sherry,

I recently purchased your book Simply Celebrate and I  read the entire book numerous times within the first week of the purchase. I try to celebrate as much as possible.  Not only do I celebrate what’s in your book, but I find myself creating personal celebrations.

Your book reminded me of something that I started in high school.

In September of 2005, right after Katrina, I felt like there wasn’t much to celebrate or be happy about in the world.  So I came up with the idea of Life Day, with the slogan “You’re Alive, Be Happy.”

I told as many people as I could about it and to show their appreciation for life they should wear yellow. (Why yellow I don’t know, maybe because it’s such a nice color.)

I put signs up all over my school the week before and handed out little note cards the day of.

I had a couple hundred students part of a sea of yellow that day, including several teachers (some that weren’t even mine) including the head football coach.

The date is September 20th and I have continued to celebrate life day since I started it.

—Timothy Lowe

Happy Life Day! Thanks, Timothy!