Trying to figure something out?

Here is a very simple technique I learned last weekend while on retreat withCheri Huber. She called it, “Relaxing the Brain” and it takes literally just seconds to do. (Though you can do it over and over again to repeat the wonderful effects!)

  • Imagine the process you do when relaxing your shoulders.
  • Take a deep breathe in and then shrug your shoulders as you release the breath out.
  • Now, imagine doing the same thing with your brain inside your head.
  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and as you are exhaling, just imagine that you brain is relaxing – or melting.
  • Can you feel the tension release inside your head as the thoughts melt away? *
  • Repeat as needed whenever your head is full of chattering squirrels or straining from too much trying to know answers.

* I like to imagine my brain literally oozing away … leaving a lovely empty space in my head for whatever needs to drop in. It is so relaxing!