I was recently the lucky winner  of Happier.com’s “Happiest Moment” photo contest.

The winning pic is the one of my son, above. (The other pic is me with my “winning photo” mug!

Here’s what the moment was for me:

There is no happier moment for a mother than when her child is really loving life. This was a perfect moment in Huntington Beach when my son and I were playing Frisbee together, looking for sea shells, and eating breakfast pastries while my beau was taking a surfing lesson. It was one of those days where we laughed all day long and wanted for nothing.

Happier.com launched its new website lasts week and I’ve been sampling their various tools, tips, and tests. This morning I was participating in a recommended activity called, “Have a Good Day.” The words, “have a good day” are thrown around a lot in our culture. Many of you, like me, may say them almost unconsciously, without thinking about what they mean.

What I liked so much about this exercise on Happier.com, is that it made me look at what that phrase really means to me. It brought into question my daily behaviors and practices. What is a good day for me? Does it happen magically or do I do things to create a good day? Does my behavior and planning contribute to a good day?

After I did the exercise on their website, I made a list for myself of things that make up a good day for me. On that list were activities like yoga or a hike in the sun, playing a game with my son and laughing, going swing dancing with my beau, reading a great book, talking to a friend on the phone, going to see a play, or having a chunk of time to get lost in my writing/creativity.

It follows, simply enough, that if I keep this list in front of me and actually schedule these things into my daily life, that I will have more good days!

I think about that “Happiest Moment” contest and suddenly I see so clearly that every single day of my life can be filled with happiest moments … I just need to plan them/create them for myself … and then make sure I’m awake and fully present when they happen!

What might be on your list of things that make up a good day? Can you give those things to yourself on a daily basis?! I’d love to hear …

P.S. You might want to check out the Happier.com website and take some of their free tests. There’s lots of fascinating stuff!