This morning I noticed that on the Simply Celebrate home page there is a link to a free downloadable that reads, “Make and Honest Stand.” I’ve looked at those words dozens of times since they were posted weeks ago. And never noticed that it says “and” instead of “an.” Make AN Honest Stand. I sent off an email to my biz partner, Tricia, asking if she could make that change (since she is the website diva). And I said, “We see what we want to see, don’t we?”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that this morning. Mostly about how I do this with people. I think my mom is really fun and funny — so that is what I see when I’m with her. I think my son is brilliant — so that is what I see when I’m with him. I think that acquaintance is really judgmental — so whattaya know? … that’s what I see when I’m with her. Everyone has so many facets to who they are and people can be different every day. Yet, how often do I see them in the same old way?

I notice I do this while walking down familiar streets. It’s as if I think I already know what is there. I somehow go on autopilot, thinking there’s nothing new.

It makes me wonder how I could practice being present to what IS, rather than what I assume IS? How can I start seeing what is really in front of me?

(P.S. If you haven’t yet downloaded Make An Honest Stand, check it out. There’s a PDF worksheet to go along with the audio!)