In my last post I talked about an experience over the 4th of July that made me feel like I was in the movies. (See Hollywood Glow.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how much myself and folks I know love going to the movies. How great it is to get immersed in the feeling of some exciting story that includes big love, laughter, or adventure. I think at the heart of it, a lot of us long for that cinematic feel to our lives. I know I do!

So what is it that gives life that feeling? How do we spark it? Here’s a quick list of things that help me get there. If you have thoughts to add, I’d love to hear ‘em and add ‘em to this list!

1. Be spontaneous. If an idea strikes you, jump on it and do it before the voices in your head start making up reasons why NOT to.

2. Be expressive. If you’re moved to sing or dance or cry or yell … do it.

3. Be risky. Let your self be open to the possibility that you might fall or fail or feel like a fool. I promise you, it’s worth it.

4. Be real. Give yourself and others the gift of exactly who you are.

5. Be open. Maybe there are parts of yourself that want to come to life, but they’re being held captive by your ideas of who you are?

6. Be involved. Join a group of people who play volleyball, cook together, sing, play music, knit, juggle, you name it.

7. Be a “YES.” Pay attention to invitations life offers … and jump right in with a whole-hearted “yes!”