Today I finished an eight-week class with coach and inspirational speaker, Rich German. Two things I like the best about Rich are that he keeps things simple and he has great energy. (Is “energy” too woo-woo California? I’ve lost my perspective. But at least I didn’t say “aura.”)

In today’s class we were focusing on the role that our energy plays in what we attract into our life. When we’re feeling good, good things seem to happen. Have you ever noticed that? When I’m really happy I tend to be open to people and have great connections. I also tend to make phone calls, follow my intuition, be spontaneous, take good care of my body, and say nice things to people. Not surprisingly, doing those things sets more good things in motion.

So Rich likes to say, “Make feeling good your number one priority.” It’s a simple saying … and a simple concept. Not always easy. But when I put it into practice, it is life-changing.

Right now I’m starting a list of things that make me feel good: tickling my son, doing yoga, smelling trees and flowers, sending someone a surprise, napping, looking at the clouds, eating salad, meditating, kissing, dancing, reading a great book of fiction, listening to a story, seeing the stars. Just making that list made me feel good. What’s on your list? What would happen if we painted our lists on the wall and remembered to do those things every day? What would happen if we deliberately filled our lives with things that make us feel good?

Remember that old saying, “Try it, you’ll like it?” … Let me know what’s on your list today!


P.S. That cute kid is my son. I didn’t mean to insert three pictures. It was a fun mistake.

PPS: I know … sometimes we just feel bad. That’s okay, too! But when you’re feeling bad, do it with lots of compassion for yourself and give yourself lots of treats.