underdogToday, remind yourself often that you are a hero.

—Cheri Huber

One of the sayings I often hear myself repeating is, “Wow, it can be hard to be human.” And that’s true. We all have a lot of fun at times and find deep fulfillment in life. We laugh and are silly, we connect with others and find joy. AND … we also all struggle with relationships and money and disappointments and loss. Sometimes just getting through a single conversation or a meeting at work can be unbearably difficult. Being human is a complicated endeavor.

I am taking an email class on money from Cheri Huber and the quote above came from that class. As you might imagine, trying to bring awareness to something as fraught with emotion as money is not easy. I think Cheri wanted us all to know that it is the hero in all of us who is struggling to wake up and look at how we are with money. I could easily see all of the folks in my class as heroes. I pictured them going about their days, stumbling over issues of “too much” or “too little” just like I do. I saw them as people trying to do good in the world, but having difficulties because of conflicting beliefs and desires.

And from there, it was obvious to me that everyone around me is a hero. Catalina, the Fed-Ex delivery woman who always has a smile for me. The little kid at my son’s school who lost her lunchbox. My mother, caring for her 90-year-old mother. The bus driver who patiently waited while an elderly woman struggled on board. Suddenly I saw them all as bigger-than-life people expressing resilience and courage in 1000 ways each day.

AS you go about your day today, try to look at the folks around you with new eyes. We don’t know what heroic battles – internal or external – they are up against. And try to look at yourself with new eyes. Remind yourself often that you’re doing the best you can … and that just being a human is a hero’s journey.