Hello, friend.

Happy mid-week! If you listened to my audio LoveGram on Sunday, you might remember I was focused on how we all learn to love better.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t amazing at loving people in your life! Of course not!

I know you are someone who cares deeply about relationships and you, like me, are always thinking about how to deepen relationships with friends and family or cultivate new ones. 


During this pandemic many of us have realized how crucial our relationships are to us.

We’ve felt it at a new level.

Phone and video connections with loved ones became lifelines. Many of us felt how fleeting life can be and we committed to finding new ways to love the people in our lives.

We can all use our creativity to appreciate, delight, and celebrate people more, right? 

Well, I’m continuing this conversation today at 1:30pm PT on the Mango Publishing author panel and would love for you to join in!

I say “author panel,” but really these Wednesday gatherings are more like a friendly social club or a group of people sitting around a table in a coffee house.

They are conversational, warm, inviting, and connecting.

If you are feeling like you want more authentic connections with people, these weekly circles are a great place to find that. (I know I do!)


Usually, I’m the facilitator for these conversations, but today my friend Rachael Wolff and I will be the guests. And yep, we’re talking about More Love — how to get it, how to create it, how to feel it.

Even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we are not talking just about romantic love. No way!

Love is all around in countless ways!

And when we don’t feel the love, we can create it. 

The event starts at 1:30pm PST/4:30pm EST. It is free to join. Just email Brianna at Mango to receive the Zoom link: brianna@mangopublishinggroup.com

Once you join the Zoom, you are free to keep your camera on or off. You can listen only or participate if you’d like. Whatever makes you comfortable and happy.

I hope I get to see you this afternoon.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Even if you can’t come today, you are welcome to join us any Wednesday at all. The event is always listed here on the Mango Publishing website.