Today I send you that feeling when it is pouring outside, and you hear the crash of thunder, but you are safe and warm in your favorite reading chair.

I send you that feeling of enjoying a double scoop of ice-cream when suddenly the top scoop shploops to the ground, leaving you with that momentary sense of how things slip can away before our very eyes.

I send you the way it feels to be grieving the death of someone you deeply love and you remember a funny story so you tell it to your best friend and you both laugh, even while the tears are still wet on your face.




Today’s LoveGram is based on a poem by my dear friend, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. Here’s the poem I read in my audio LoveGram.

To hear the audio LoveGram, click on the link, then scroll down on the page it sends you to, you’ll see the audio player.

Here’s the poem I read in that audio:

Strange Bedmates

By Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer


grief and celebration

share the same bed—

one keeps stealing the blanket

the other

keeps knitting a beautiful new one




There you have it. Grief and celebration. Two sides of the same human coin.

I didn’t plan any of this. But it just so happens that I am creating this LoveGram for you Friday morning because I am traveling to see Rosemerry this weekend. When you receive this on Sunday morning, I will be on a plane to Colorado to not only see my friend, but actually meet her in person for the very first time.

My meeting Rosemerry is everything that I am talking to you about in today’s audio. I am traveling to be with her in grief over the biggest loss imaginable. I am traveling to be with her in what hopefully will be a circle of tremendous love and light as her friends gather for her birthday.

To me, being present in all of the feelings of being human, to allow ourselves the whole range of human experience is authentic celebration.

We must let ourselves feel the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows. We can help each other through the heavy, hard ones and we can celebrate together in the light ones.




Today’s LoveGram is also based on my October Celebration Superstar, Carolyn. I tell you a little about her in my audio. But for those of you who may not listen, what you need to know about her is that she is a superstar at being a human being. Carolyn’s emotions live at the surface and they spring out all the time. She used to apologize for crying so much and so easily. I hope she doesn’t do that anymore.

Because she is a shining example of allowing the whole range of human emotions to live in her.

Carolyn is in my coaching group and I have had the opportunity over the past year and a half to watch her BE HUMAN in such an authentic way. To me, this is the celebration.

In a world where people walk around, noses in their electronic devices, we can go hours before seeing expressions of humanness. Think about how a spontaneous bright smile, the sudden springing forth of tears, or even the flash of anger can connect us to our hearts and to our humanness.

I encourage you to allow yourself to feel.

Allow yourself to be human.

Because, you know what? You are a fabulous human being. I love you.

Thank you for being by my side for this journey.


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Subscribe to Rosemerry’s daily poem here.

P.P.S. The music I played at the start of my audio LoveGram.