Secret Agents are a group of people who aim to spread surreptitious joy and kindness in playful and unexpected ways. 

April 1st is April Fool’s Day and usually it is a time to try and PRANK people.

However, our very own Secret Agent Lynda Allen has chosen to turn this holiday on its head and instead celebrate All-4-1 Day — a day of connection, unity, peace, and goodwill.

Here’s what Lynda says, “Last year around this time, our worlds were getting turned upside down and things seemed pretty dark. I wanted to find a way to encourage myself and others to share their light. You never know when sharing your light might help rekindle someone else’s.

It seemed natural to take advantage of the date itself 4/1 or 1/4, depending on where you live, and let it be our jumping off point for focusing on being All for One and One for All.”


Let’s be Fools for Love and focus on All-4-1! 

Everyone needs your love, light, and stealthy way of adding doses of JOY wherever you go. 



Perhaps you’ve already joined Secret Agents of Change and participated in previous missions? If so, we deeply appreciate your dedicated service! Or, maybe this is your first inkling that such a covert organization exists? If so, a hearty welcome to you!

But in either case: Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Sherry Richert Belul invite you to participate in this oh-so-important mission. 

We will post the prompt in our Secret Agents Facebook Group. You can participate anytime on Thursday, April 1st!