Hello beautiful friend.

It’s Sunday morning and welcome back to my weekly LoveGram. I started sending this out every Sunday about a year ago as a way to offer support and love during the pandemic.

I’ve often said this, and it is true still, that it has been incredibly supportive for me to walk this path with you and to share the ups and downs.

Writing to you each week helps me sort out my feelings and gives me a sense of connection. 

It is often connection that helps us keep going, that gives us a boost of energy, that brings a sense of possibility, and that makes everything look a little brighter. 

Thank you. YOU MATTER. You make a difference. I feel the connection. It lifts me.




Most Sundays, I send you an audio LoveGram. Today, your LoveGram is in written form. I promise to be back next week with a new audio! Pinkie promise!

If you want to listen to an audio, here’s one on my website that you may have missed. It is called “Crazy, Wild, Miracle You” and it includes a beautiful poem by my friend Maya.

There are also tons of previous Audio LoveGrams posted from the past year. You can browse through this blog, choose an Audio LoveGram randomly, and listen to see what you hear as if it is brand new.

As someone who has a Recording and Listening practice, I listen — and re-listen— to audios over and over again. I always hear something new. Because, of course, I am different each time I listen.

I encourage you to remember the practice of re-listening to things that lift and inspire you.




So, here’s what I want to tell you about today: I’ve been sorting through my digital photos from the last couple of months because I want to surprise some people in my life with actual printed photos that I send via the old-fashioned snail mail postal service.

I’m planning to put a few photos in a fun greeting card and include a three-item Love List, which is simply a list of reasons why we love someone! I want to express “you matter” and “the time we share is so important to me.”

This is so simple to do and costs very little. My local Walgreens prints photos and they always have great deals. (Right now, I’m ordering 100 prints for just 9 cents each! If you are ordering from them, always check to see what the deal of the week is; there is always one!) 📸


Here’s how simple it is to send photos:

  • Look through your recent digital photos and think about what two or three people in your life would enjoy receiving them.
  • Upload photos to the Walgreen site or another similar site.
  • Grab the best coupon deal and order photos to be printed at the closest store to you.
  • Walk or drive to that store when the photos are ready. (With Walgreens, it is usually a few hours and voila, they are ready!)
  • While you are at the store paying for the photos, pick up a few greeting cards.
  • When you get home, think about three things you love about the person to whom you are sending the pics. Use things from the photo to spark your memory. (See below for examples!)
  • Write the three things on one of the cards, include photos, address it, stamp it + VOILA — ready to mail that love!


Love List examples:

For example, in the photo up above, which I am actually mailing to Ian this week, I would say, “I love that you are a master at creating adventures. I love how handsome you look — especially with a red parasol. I love the memory of a sky filled with bubbles and people on nearby boats waving and clapping to thank you.”


That’s it. It is that simple. 




Think about it. How much JOY would people in your life feel if they opened an envelope from you out of the blue with a photo memory and expressions of love for spending time together? Isn’t it worth an hour of your time if you could do this for two or three people at once?

AND, during that hour of your time, YOU will be feeling over the moon happy as you create the surprise. I promise you. That’s how it works.




By the way, that photo up above was taken a few weeks ago on a boat. Ian truly is a master at creating new adventures + making life feel extraordinary. There’s not much open in the Bay Area as far as activities. But Lake Chabot is renting boats! (They are keeping COVID-safe and following all precautions!).

Ian planned a boating extravaganza for us to bring some color, light, and big sky perspective to us!

I’m sending Ian some photos from that boating expedition in which he brought music, a bubble machine, a cozy blanket, cheese, crackers, and some port!

The photos will bring back all the good feelings we had + I know he will love the memories as much as I do, right now, as I am choosing the photos to print!

Please do this for people you love. 

It is worth it. They matter. 

YOUR heart connections matter. This simple idea strengthens them. 


Seek celebration —even in dark corners,
xo Sherry


💌 P.S. If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that I posted this photo/idea earlier this week. If so, what I want to ask you is, “have you done it?” And if the answer is, “no,” what would it take for you to put love into action? We hear a lot of ideas that sound like they would be great to do, but what is it that enables us to act?