Hello, my dear friend.

Today, as I was walking out to my studio to connect with you via LoveGram, several things dropped in at once from life. 

I usually like let these audio notes be spontaneous, in the moment, generated by intuition or inspiration. 

I didn’t know how these three things might connect! But as always, talking to YOU helped the connection come clear. 

I love that. I love that talking out loud to you helps me know myself better. 

Last week, I encouraged you to please let yourself allow and unravel in the same way. I think it is healthy and very supportive. 

I hope today’s little spontaneous framework of “Three Things” serves you. I know for me, these three things help me feel confidence in my process and in the unfolding. 

They also help me feel more vitality, oomph, and sizzle. 

Today’s LoveGram is posted on this page.

Scroll down on that page. Click play.

It is my mission in life to support you (and me!!) in living lives that feel alive, vibrant, and filled with love, no matter what is going on around us. 

You’ve been by my side this whole pandemic. 

Thank you.

Pause here and think about what a gift you’ve been to me, to others in your life, to yourself. 

Never forget that showing up for one another is the biggest gift we can give.

Thanks for being by my side.

I’m here for you, too. 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

 P.S. If anything you hear in today’s LoveGram stands out or resonates with you, email me and share your thoughts. I always appreciate hearing from you! 

 P.P.S. The book from my spiritual teacher, Cheri Huber, about Recording and Listening is called, “What You Practice is What You Have.” 

 P.P.P.S. The poem I recited is called “Wild Geese” by Mary OliverCopyright Mary Oliver