Welcome to another Sunday. It’s not even 8am and is already hot here in San Francisco.

It makes me miss my mom and barefoot days in Ohio with her — long breakfasts out on the patio, water balloon fights, and bonfires in the evenings. (Hi mom, I know you’re reading this! 👋)

It’s so important that we all stay connected to the people we love‚ even if we can’t be there in person.

Who will you reach out to today?

I’m so lucky to have you and so many people I love on the other side of this email!


It makes a difference.

You matter.

Today’s audio LoveGram invites us all to belong to ourselves and to life in a new way.

In a small, small way.

I’ve been practicing what saved me 30 years ago and what has saved me ever since — living in tiny slices of time and finding some light for myself and to share with others.

It never fails me.

I hope it serves you.

There’s a lot that can happen for us in a moment or a sliver.

Our whole lives, really.

And everything we are and want to be.

Click here to listen to your audio LoveGram for today. 

Scroll down on that page until you see the media player for this week’s audio message.

I began these LoveGrams at the start of the pandemic. And am so grateful that we can walk through this together.

Be kind + gentle to yourself and everyone you meet.

And be sure to allow yourself to listen for what little things are calling to you, okay?

They are there, waiting for you to claim them. To belong to them.

xo Sherry