Hi Friend,

I’m coming to you from another Sunday. This morning, right before I hit “record,” a hummingbird flitted around outside my studio. It is amazing how such a tiny creature can bring such joy.

I’m still happy, just thinking about that little bird.

That’s what our acts of love and kindness in the world are like, right? They seem small, but their impact can be HUGE!

Just this morning one of the beautiful women in our community, Shellan, posted about a “Secret Agent” kindness mission she did for someone. Poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and I began our Secret Agents of Change after I sent her a $5 bill and a gratitude note.

Shellan sent some love that same way to someone in her community. The recipient was having such a hard day and that kindness made her cry (in a good way!). That note and $5 bill was a big gift.  It made a difference.

We just don’t know.

Another wonderful someone in our community, Becky, just told me the story of a sermon she heard recently. It was a twist on the “temptation” theme. Not a caution to resist the temptation of evil, but an encouragement to follow the temptation to do good.

Oh, how I love that!

I started a practice a few years ago of blindly following intuition that drops in to call someone, send a card or gift, or otherwise support someone in any way. When I made myself an audio recording to remind myself about this, I added, “No matter how small or ridiculous or outrageous it seems.”  Because the thing is, like Shellan saw, we don’t know just how necessary our kindness might be.

I like to think that the Universe taps us to do the kindness because it doesn’t have hands and money and stamps like we do!

I remind myself that I don’t have all the information and my job is simply to follow the nudge.

Hey — it is Sunday. I have an audio LoveGram for you. It is all about opening our hearts. Hope you will listen and let me know your thoughts. Also, email me if you have a favorite  song about love. (Universal love, not the romantic kind!)

As always, thanks for being here. We’re all just walking each other home. (Thank you for the beautiful quote, Ram Dass!)

Seek Celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry