These are unprecedented times for humanity. One of the gifts of this truly difficult time is that so many people are stepping up to offer love, compassion, and support.

One of those people, Anna Kowalska, is someone I met recently through a friend.

Anna is hosting a series of conversations about how to imagine and begin to create a future we all want to live into — one with greater love, better health, more connection, and equality.

I’m honored that Anna invited me to participate in her free online salon— a series on “How to Lead and Thrive as an Awakened Leader in Times of Uncertainty.”

Anna is bringing leaders together to share wisdom on how to navigate these times.

Each guest contributor has gone through a dark night of the soul, reinvented ourself, and learned how to thrive in uncertainty.

We lead from the heart and from our own experience.

I personally know and admire two of the other speakers — Alison Donaghey and Emerald GreenForest — they’re women who are awake and alive and bringing lots of love to the planet!

You can join this salon for free and listen to the daily conversations as a way to bring some uplift and possibility into your life.

Click here to listen to these conversations. 

I’m hoping that you, too, are imagining the kind of future you want to create. Let’s be intentional about how we live, love, and create.  We can do this together! 

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry