We just celebrated Valentine’s Day, in which (hopefully) a lot of us focused on giving love to people in our lives.

It got me thinking about receiving love. Since my company is all about helping people express their love, I see firsthand how difficult it can sometimes be for the recipients to really take in all that love and appreciation offered to them.

Sometimes people want to deflect it or to “tit for tat” that love.

Do you know what I mean?

Do you ever experience that awkwardness when someone tries to love you up with compliments or kind words? 

Here are my two favorite tips for learning to accept love, compliments, and appreciation:

Remember that love and appreciation are gifts from someone to you. That person is feeling generous and wanting to bestow you with joy. If you deflect it or do not receive it wholeheartedly, it can be a lousy feeling for the giver.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how much FUN it is to give something to someone who is so happy to receive what you offer. It feels great. It’s like a gift back to the giver when you receive something.

Keep this in mind if those ole Squawky Polly brain thoughts try to make you feel uncomfortable or not deserving. Those thoughts are not real. They don’t mean anything.


When you notice yourself feeling undeserving or anxious about receiving love, practice taking a deep breath before you respond to the giver. Get in your body.

Try to connect with your heart so that you get out of your head. Your head is where those Squawky Polly lies are coming from. Instead, in that minute of breathing, you can place your hand on your heart or belly and imagine letting the love into your body and filling you with joy.

Also imagine that the love you receive immediately also rebounds back to the person who is complimenting you. Imagine this as an exchange, not one-sided.

Let me know if you have your own best tips for receiving love or if you try these out! 

Here’s to giving and receiving love!

Seek Celebration — even in dark corners,
xo Sherry