My friend invited me to skip around Half Moon Bay with her so she could test out some new photo techniques and a brand new camera lens.

I was looking forward to seeing her and having dinner together. But as the time got closer to meet up with her, I noticed how much I was not looking forward to the photo part.

This unease with being photographed is not new. I’ve noticed it many times in the past. I’m  uncomfortable in front of the camera. Even with people I know well.

As soon as I’m aware that someone is taking a photo, it feels as if all my energy drains from my body and I become stiff and weird.

Who else reading right now feels this?

Isn’t it fascinating that we humans love to be known and seen, yet the camera lens brings a squirm factor?!

I’m not sure whether it helped or hindered, but that red hat you see in the photo is a fairly new purchase. I said to my friend, Shannon, “I want to live into being able to wear this hat. It is my next bold move.”

I love how articles of clothing can lead us to parts of ourselves who are knocking on the door! 💕

As I write this, I’m reminded again of all the years I said, “I wish I were the sort of woman who could wear hats.”

And then, my friend Bill said, very wisely(!), “Buy a frickin’ hat, put it on your head, and walk around in it. You will feel silly for awhile. But then you will be a woman who wears hats.”

Best advice ever.

I guess I can become someone comfortable in front of a camera.

And also someone who can wear a very tall + bulbous red hat!


Do you have something YOU are living into?

Do tell!

P.S. Thank you to Shannon Louks for the photo (above) and the experience!

xo Sherry