I just watched the video clip of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga singing “Shallow,” from “A Star is Born” at the Oscar’s Sunday night. I haven’t yet seen the movie and I missed the Oscar’s, but I do have a tiny connection to Bradley Cooper!

Last week I was in Los Angeles for a one-on-one session with Vocal Coach, Roger Love, who coached Bradley Cooper for the movie + for the live Oscar’s performance.

Holy moly! What good fortune that I got to sing with the same guy that helped Bradley Cooper sing!

This was an AMAZING opportunity and I learned so much from Roger — about voice, about messaging, and also about how to be an awesome human being.

You see even though Roger is a coach to the stars, he has a huge heart and also wants to help everyone he can, especially people like me who have a message we want to get out to the world.

Roger, true to his name, exemplifies love. He genuinely cares for people and goes way out of his way to express warmth and joy. He’s been a speaker at many of Brendon Burchard’s events and he is beloved for not only his talents at helping people use their voices more effectively, but also for his humor and authenticity.

At these events, Roger will often start the day off with some voice warm-ups. But before he does that, he loves to dance through the audience, hugging everyone, high-fiving, and joking around. He is pure joy!



I never thought much about my voice until I started learning from Roger. Now I can see how much it impacts my life. When I am able to breathe properly while I speak, the sound comes out sounding more grounded and with warmer tones. I can convey way more emotions when I have a broader range of sounds to choose from.

AND, believe it or not, the sound of my voice has a huge impact on how I am feeling about myself! I didn’t realize this until I met with Roger last week and found myself getting emotional and even starting to cry! I was so surprised. But Roger wasn’t! He said people often cry during sessions.! It’s because we are tapping into parts of ourselves that have been long-buried.

For many of us — this is true for me— we use our voices in a way that keeps us small and under the radar. We minimize the amount or volume of sound. We may try to speak in a way that we hope makes us likable. We aren’t saying it like it really is for us, because of so many locked-away fears and inhibitions.

In just one hour with Roger, I learned many practices to help me use my voice in ways that are not only healthier for my vocal cords, but that help me express myself and connect in brand new ways.



I am so excited! Not only did I get this fabulous session with him one-on-one, but in March I am going to his live event in Los Angeles so I can practice more. (Tra la la!)

I am so enthusiastic about Roger’s work in the world + wanted to let you know that I just became an affiliate of his. Honestly, I was simply going to promote his program because I love it. But when I wrote to ask for the correct link to use, his partner suggested I become an affiliate. So, I did.

If you want to take his online course or attend the live event or even have your own one-on-one session with him, these are all available. The program that includes the one-on-one is not on his website since it is only offered once in a while, but here is the link to it. This is the live event + one-on-one + online class.  (Your session can be via Skype if you live far from LA!)

Here is the link just for the live event. And just for the online course.

But if nothing else, I encourage you to take advantage of his free teachings/trainings! There’s a place to get some free stuff here! 

And if you have any questions, email me.

Seek celebration— even in dark corners,

xo Sherry Richert Belul



P.S. The photo of Roger and me on stage is at Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy back in 2010! The other one was taken last week. And of course the Oscar’s pic is from the Roger Love FB page.