It breaks my heart wide open when I hear people at funerals wishing they’d expressed their appreciation while the person they loved was still alive. Or folks at the end of their lives feeling like they missed the color and magic in the midst of to-do’s and obligations. 

What the world really needs is permission to celebrate everyday moments and revel in giving exceptional gifts. 

And I’m here to make that happen for as many people as I possibly can. 

Because one day I want to live in a world where we carry paper parasols in our pockets to slip into our colleagues’ morning muffins. A world where we’re not afraid to say out loud, “I love you because___” to our sister, best friend, or kindly stranger we meet on the bus. I want to live in a world where it really is the thought that counts instead of money talks. 

I do this work because I want to live in a world in which singular moments can be extraordinary gifts we give ourselves and those we love. 

And if you want to live in that world, too, I have one question for you: who or what will you celebrate today?