Take Heart Self Love Workshop

Valentine’s Take Heart Video Workshop


Thank you so much for registering for the Take Heart: Finding Celebration No Matter What Event

Here’s the replay + printable Love List Selfie + contact information for our amazing guests on the call!


Before you begin watching the replay, download and print this whimsical Love List Selfie created by Angie DeMuro. Or, have your journal, paper, or card stock handy. (And your fave pen, too!) During the call, we’ll walk you through some prompts to get a start on your Love List Selfie. And we’ll also offer a bunch of tips for self-love —on Valentine’s Day and always!


Our Special Guests on the Call


Angie DeMuro draws and write things to make herself and others happy and so that we all remember to love ourselves and then we can share that love and happiness with everyone we meet! (Angie drew the logo for this event and also the printable!)

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Download and print Angie’s Shine Your Light artwork to hang up to inspire you.


Allison Naish, the founder of Create Extraordinary Relationships, coaches women after divorce on how to have a stress free relationship with their Ex, even if he’s the most difficult guy in the world.

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Join Allison’s Helping Families Function Facebook Page


Lara Heacock is a Life & Leadership Coach who is on a mission to eliminate burnout, using kindness (and self-kindness).

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Email Lara for her free audio gift, which goes deeper into four chapters of her “Practice Kindness” book.


Patty Burgess shares how the counter-intuitive dive and exploration into one’s own grief and loss, can shorten the distance from suffering to joy.

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Download Patty’s free ebook, “Six Concepts to Master When Supporting a Loved One Who is Dying.”


Rachel Archelaus helps people live a life doing only what they love through practicing self-love in every moment.

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Try Rachel’s free Intuitive Art Class.


Kate Galt is a break up coach who believes that Your Breakup can be a window of opportunity to up-level your entire life.

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The Breakup Essentials Course 1: are you a poet? An acrobat? An empress? Find out here. (Enter coupon code FRIEND)

The Courageous Lover Assessment (Enter coupon code FRIEND) Note: Make sure after you enter your coupon for a free report, to click on Questionnaire so Kate can get your birth date info and tailor-make your report ASAP!