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End the Year with LOVE !


Hello Beautiful Friend!

It’s the last day of 2021 and you are on my mind.

I’m feeling so grateful for us being able to walk, side by side, through all the ups and downs of life.

I know this past year has been filled with a lot of uncertainty, loss, and disappointment. And, also, it has also been filled with connection, joy, and love.

Whatever you have experienced, and however you are feeling right now, I want you to know that you are not alone and that I honor your journey. I trust your path. I see your goodness.

Because you are here with me, I know that you share my values of friendship, family, connection, love, creativity, and self-expression.

I wanted to pop by today to remind us all that we have the choice to focus today on these values. We can turn our attention to simple gratitude and to love. We can end this year by practicing living what we value most.

I don’t say that in the sense of “don’t feel your feelings” or in some silly Pollyanna way. I say it in the purest sense of gifting ourselves with a few moments of basking in thoughts and memories that feel good.

I say it because I love you and I want you to remember that joy is a practice.

Celebration is a practice.

Love is a practice.


So, as we end the year, I want to share with you something off the top of my head that I posted to social media yesterday. It is an example of what happens when we turn our attention to love.

I had a simple urge to share a photo of our upside down Christmas tree. When I went to Instagram to post the photo, I was overcome with a feeling of appreciation and deep love for my son, Kayne.

I listened to that feeling and let myself write from that place.

Here’s what tumbled out into that post: 

{❤️ Reasons why I LOVE my son}

He’s home for the holidays and nothing makes me happier than when I step in the house + he’s there, at the kitchen table, studying French. He always looks up and says in a happy, hearty voice: “Welcome home, Mom!”

(Sometimes he says it in a squeaky mouse voice or a sing-song voice. Sometimes he draws out all the vowels, so the phrase lasts a loooooong time!)

I love that sometimes he does handstands in the living room. Sometimes he sings silly made-up verses. Sometimes he makes funny faces in the mirror. Sometimes he pretends to be our cats talking. Sometimes he looks up how to properly pronounce words like caprese, ratatouille, or Carcassone.

I love that he is quirky — and completely unapologetically himself.

That’s us in front of our #upsidedownChristmas tree.

I love that he singlehandedly selected which of our dozens of ornaments should be hung this year + then he specially designed it. (You can’t see it, but the whimsical bird looks like she’s flying toward the pickle to eat it. Just one example of the pockets of stories on our tree!)

Every year since he was little, I asked my son to pick out an ornament. Usually they reflected his current interests — a chess board from when he was seven, a musical note when he took piano lessons, a kung-fu kid from middle school years.

As he got older, ornament choices got a bit more unconventional. See that pencil dangling from the bottom? That represents the year he got into the SF School of the Arts Writing program. There’s also a crumpled up essay from his first year in college.

So, this post is just a random rambling as thoughts dropped in. YOU can DO THIS, too. I call it a LOVE LIST + it makes an amazing gift.

Maybe at New Year’s Eve dinner tonight, you write 3 things you love about each person + slip ’em under the plates? Maybe you get a jar and fill it with slips of love? Maybe you print a photo and send in a card along with some things you love? Maybe you text someone, wishing them the best and telling them something lovable about them?

There’s really nothing more fun than LOVE! Sending oodles of it your way today — into 2022 — and always.


In case you are brand new to my world, let me tell you a little more about the LOVE LIST:

The Love List is simply this: a list of specific reasons that you love someone. It is the ways this person has impacted your life + the reasons they are unique in all the world.

A Love List is sweet, funny, sexy, or serious. It can include any number — from five to fifteen to fifty — of loving attributes, characteristics, or memories about someone.

A Love List can be created with photos, in a Joy Jar, in fortune cookies, scribbled on a sheet of paper, attached to flower stems with  ribbon, taped to the back of dollar bills— or in countless other ways!


So, today on New Year’s Eve, I want you to know that you are on my mind and that I am sending you love and peace.

I’m also here to remind you to take care of yourself by intentionally thinking some good thoughts. Maybe do what I did and look at a photo that makes you happy. List the reasons why it makes you feel good.

And, if you have the energy to do so, please throw some light out to someone who needs it.

Please consider mixing some extra love into your New Year’s day. Use your imagination and see how you can combine a Love List with something you are doing with others.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. If you have ever made a Love List — or when you make your first one!— please take half a minute to log it on my Million Love List page. (I want to inspire a million Love Lists in my life and YOU can help me reach that goal!)

P.P.S. Please take some time today to appreciate yourself and to celebrate who you are. Don’t wait another minute to acknowledge your generous heart and your beautiful spirit. I see you. You are absolutely lovable. YOU MATTER!


July Celebration Superstar: Alison Luterman


Happy Sunday! I’m writing to you from my mom’s house in Ohio! This is the first time I’ve seen her in a year and a half. It is so wonderful.

Full disclosure — I recorded today’s audio LoveGram while I was still in San Francisco. I knew that I would be so caught up in all the joys of being with my mom, that I might not be mindful of the days. That happens here. It is a sweet little time warp.

So, to make sure I still got to connect with you, but also made it doable for me, I recorded and uploaded the audio in advance.

How are you doing this week? How is your heart? How is your energy? You are on my mind!

This morning I send you permission to make something easier for yourself. What can you do today that will make tomorrow’s task more doable? (I like to think of this as helping out your future self!)

I send you the way it feels to see the face of your loved one after way too long without them.

I send you watermelon juice, dribbling down your chin.

I send you a big butterfly flitting by — pale yellow with black swooshes.

Today, my LoveGram is about this month’s Celebration Superstar, Alison Luterman, and some of her ways of bringing appreciation and celebration to the people in her life.  Also, be sure to listen because I read a thought-provoking poem that she wrote!

(Click on either link up above, then scroll down on that page until you see the audio player. Press PLAY to listen to the love!)

Alison Luterman is a poet, teacher, playwright, improvisor, lyricist, student of singing and music, and enthusiastic collaborator.

Ali is also dedicated to deepening her relationships and finding new ways to show people that she supports them and loves them.

That’s why today I’m raising a glass to her and recognizing her as my July Celebration Superstar, a monthly recognition for people who embody the spirit of Simply Celebrate and Say it Now.

I’ve long been a fan of Alison’s poetry, which is a celebration of being human.

As well, get this: Ali has been writing and performing personalized songs for people in her life. She wants people to be celebrated in a unique way that shows them she sees them and that they really matter.

Ali wanted to make sure that I added a note that she creates those customized songs along with a collaborator, Steve Chiasson. “Steve is a skilled singer-songwriter who composes the melodies and makes my lyrics better. I couldn’t do this alone, and I don’t!” Alison says.

(I love that it was so important to Ali that she celebrate Steve in this process. That is another example of her generous heart and her spirit of noticing the impact people have!)

Another couple things that make Ali such a Celebration Superstar is that she has made Love Lists for people and she really gets the importance of them. She’s also been such a wonderful support for me regarding my book, “Say it Now.”

(For those of you who are new to Simply Celebrate, a Love List is simply a list of specific reasons why we love someone. It shows that person the impact they’ve had on our lives and why they matter.)

Two more things I’m celebrating about Ali: 

* She’s exemplified the e.e. Cummings quote, “It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.” I’ve seen the way that Ali is brave being herself. Writing poetry is just one way. That’s a biggie. But she also does improv and sings/plays the piano.

* Ali is on the lookout for how to find more joy in life. AND, she is completely authentic — allowing all the other human emotions to travel through her. That’s the real celebration spirit.

As always, thank you for being here and for your own ways of being a Celebration Superstar, which I know you are. (Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here!) 

Thank you for the ways you are on the lookout for how to love better and enjoy more!

Thank you for your heart and goodness. I see it!


Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry

{Uplift Gifts} Twice the Fun


If you listened to Sunday’s Audio LoveGram, you heard that I was celebrating receiving the trademark for the phrase, Love List. (Wheee!)

For those of you who are new, a Love List is simply a list of specific reasons why we love someone. It shows that person the impact they’ve had on our lives and why they matter.

In that audio, I told you that creating Love Lists is a practice of learning how to focus on love and how to train our brains to look for the positive in people. Love Lists have helped me with anxiety and depression. They are meditative. And, they obviously make great gifts to give.

But there’s one other thing they can be: an uplifting and connecting activity to do with someone!

The idea is to sit down with a friend and create a back-n-forth Love List for a mutual friend. It gives the Love List added energy and gives you extra motivation to create this gift.

I know this, because my friend Tricia and I created a Love List together while we were on retreat in Lake Tahoe recently. Her boyfriend owned the place we stayed in and I wanted a special way to let him know how much that meant to us to stay there.

So, I invited Tricia to create the Love List with me.

Click here to listen to the two-minute audio Tricia and I created for you while we were making this Love List together.

You can hear how happy we sound. And how surprised we both were at the impact on us.

We were also giddy with joy at the thought of hiding the Love List for her boyfriend to find next time he visited his place in Tahoe. Haha. We put it with his hiking and ski gear in a locked cupboard. (See photo up above!)

I want you to try this yourself because this is not only a beautiful gift to give, it will deepen your connection to your friend. That’s what happened for me and Trish!

Will you give it a try?

Let me know!

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. Don’t leave without listening to this two-minute audio Tricia and I created while making the Love List together. Give it a listen. I think it will inspire you and make you smile!


LoveGram: Love is a Practice



This morning I send you a feeling of peacefulness, no matter what is going on: a deep breath, the scent of freshly-mown grass, the glimpse of a deer dashing into the woods.

I send you permission for self-care, for saying “no,” for choosing to do something that makes you happy.

I send you my appreciation — because you are someone who cares deeply about the people in your life and you are the one who takes time to practice loving more and better.

Today I’m celebrating that I just received the official notification of the U.S. trademark for the phrase, Love List.

Looking at those words on that certificate, it makes me feel such appreciation for this beautiful practice.

Creating a Love List is a calming meditation, it is a positive psychology tool, it is a creative outlet, it is a gift.

Today, my LoveGram is about the practice of looking for what we love about the people in our lives.

We all know how easy it can be to notice when we get irritated, frustrated, or angry. That’s okay! It can also be so easy to intentionally look for what makes us happy about that person, how they are supporting us, or the positive impact they’ve had on us.

Hear today’s Audio LoveGram now! 

After you listen to today’s LoveGram, create a ONE ITEM Love List, okay? It can be that super simple.

Think of someone in your life who would benefit from some positivity. Then, think of one specific thing to thank them for or a fun memory.

Text them.

It can sound like this, “Hey Suzy, you are on my mind right now. I’m thinking about how much I love your energy and excitement about making new foods. I’ve been so lucky to get to dine at your house and enjoy the yummy results of your culinary passion. Sending love and gratitude.” 

Easy peasy! Watch and see how good this feels!

Then, appreciate yourself for being someone who practices love!

Thank you for being with me today.

Seek celebration — even in dark corners,

xo Sherry


P.S. This week’s challenge is to create a one-item Love List — right now— and text it to someone. Just think of someone whom you love, think of one specific reason you love that person, and let them know! Okay?!

P.P.S. After you send your love to that person, please consider taking a moment to log it in here on my Love List Million Page. It will literally take less than a minute! And would mean so much to me.


Add some sweet surprises to your Easter baskets!

Here’s an easy and quick way to make your Easter baskets extra special!

Turn ’em into Love List baskets!

I’m attaching an easy-to-follow graphic for you. This can literally take just 10 or 15 minutes extra time when you are putting your baskets together.

If you make a Love List Easter basket, will you please take a moment to pop over to my Love List Counter Page so you can be a part of my big mission to inspire 1,000,000 Love Lists?!

Thank you!!!


Turn ordinary days into an extraordinary life,

xo Sherry