Read ‘Em and Leap

Here are some words to READ that are wise, kooky, foundational, or colorful — to add a little zest to your day or long-lasting practices to your life. Simply click on the title of the excerpt you’d like to read and a window will open with a PDF you can open, read, print or download for later.


Love the One You Are With
Whether you’re madly in love, still looking for love, or in a snit with the one you love, we’ve got some suggestions for surefire ways to jumpstart more luvin’ feelings in your life. Open and read

When Life Gives You Lemons: The Real Deal
Let yourself be a little sour… Open and read

Vitality-Meter to the Rescue
Are things and activities in your life helping you thrive or weighing you down? Open and read

Become Someone/Something You Want to Be
Got a vision of yourself that you want to bring into reality? Open and read