Event Mailbags o’ Love

Create some paper bag love at your house or office!

mailbox-6These mailbags o’ love are great for love of all shapes and sizes. Fill ’em with sweet treats or sweet notes.

  • Purchase some colorful bags. (Try your local dollar store or make ’em out of brown paper lunch bags.)
  • Find a central location in your home or office to leave the bags visible.
  • Label the bags so that everyone has one.
  • Provide blank paper, note cards, or stationery near the bags.
  • Explain to everyone that these bags are for people to leave secret or signed notes of things they’re grateful for about the person, special memories, happy stories, inspiring quotes, etc.
  • As the organizer, see if you can get the ball rolling by leaving at least one note or two for everyone. Model how it’s done!
  • Watch the magic happen.






From Mailbag Recipients: