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Simply Celebrate Newsletter: February 2011

Love the One You’re With

By Sherry Richert Belul

Last weekend my beau, Ian and I had plans to go to the Edwardian Ball. We’d already bought, borrowed, or created our Gorey-esque costumes. We’d taken a fun dance class in which we practiced romantic waltz moves with names like “pretty pattycakes” or “little windows.” We even spent the afternoon cruising around the vendor faire beneath the ballroom, trying on top hats, old-fashioned glasses, and steampunky jewelry. We were excited and ready to have a grand time together at the ball.

And then we got into a snit. Maybe you know what I’m talking about? Out of nowhere some offhand comment leads to a “what did you mean by that?” which leads to the god-awful “You always…” or “we never.” A slight veering off the giddy path of love leads into a tangled forest of misunderstanding and emotional bruises.

So this was about twenty minutes before we were supposed to be happily dressing for the ball. A snit. A glitch. A pall. Oh no!   Read more…

A Simple Celebration

I’ve created a quick list of 14 ways to “love the one you’re with,” whether you’re madly in love, still looking for love, or in a snit with the one you love. For this month’s simple celebration, just choose one of these suggestions and try it out — on your spouse, your beau, yourself, or a friend. If you’re hankering for lots of love in your life, try the advanced version: choose one suggestion every day from now through February 14th.


Simply Celebrate Community News

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